2023 Sloan Park 50/50

Thank you for participating in the Mesa Hohokam 50/50 raffle. You must
be 21 years of age or older to participate. Winners receive 50% of the
announced pot.  If you believe that you have the winning number, contact
us at hohokam5050@gmail.com. You have 10 days to claim your winnings after it is announced.

Play the active raffle now. Click here

February 20B-19889$901
February 25B-68247$31,350 
February 27C-14562$11,578
March 1B-33309$11,562
March 2C-45594$12,029
March 4B-57477$20,147
March 8C-24090$9,052
March 9C-51741$11,738
March 10B-52124$24,837
March 12B-37113$20,179
March 14A-26599$13,872
March 16B-87583$19,975
March 17C-117000$32,633
March 19C-245232$23,256
March 23B-230243$20,071
March 24D-212089$19,067
March 26D-105258$23,706
March 27B-486113$30,491
March 28D-378541$26,267