2023 HoHoKam Stadium 50/50

Thank you for participating in the Mesa Hohokam 50/50 raffle. You must be 21 years of age or older to participate. Winners receive 50% of the announced pot.  If you believe that you have the winning number, contact us at hohokam5050@gmail.com. You have 10 days to claim your winnings after it is announced.

Play the active game now. Click here.

February 25B-8989$3,425
February 27A-14718$2,490
February 28A-12977$4,046
March 3B-12703$3,655
March 4A-15785$4,420
March 8B-12728$1,589
March 9B-13512$4,921
March 10A-21005$5,270
March 12B-20911$4,938
March 15RainoutNone
March 17A-70659$9,348
March 18A-25646$8,139
March 22A-25681$8,906
March 24A-33909$6,289
March 25B-68812$9,741